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In The case of China, it can overcome the virus, first of all, because of the unique advantages of the socialist system, the whole country is a chess game, can in a state of emergency by the central unified dispatch of all resources, and everyone must be subject to this dispatch. This is also China’s biggest advantage in overcoming the epidemic, especially after the comparison between Europe and the US.

Secondly, the strategy as a whole is more appropriate, more timely closure of the city. When Wuhan was closed, the number of confirmed cases was only over 300, but the central government decided to close the city decisively because wuhan was constantly exporting the epidemic. From a strategic point of view, this is equal to the determination to contain the virus in Wuhan, to eliminate. Europe and the United States have always been the strategy to slow the spread of the epidemic.

It is also because of the timely closure of Wuhan city, other places did not have a large outbreak, to continue from other provinces and cities to send a steady stream of medical personnel reinforcement Wuhan. If The closure of Wuhan city is not timely enough, other places also have a large outbreak, it will be difficult to continue to send medical personnel to reinforce Wuhan as later.

But the large-scale, cross-regional deployment of medical resources, in fact, China has also done this time is very difficult. Many people may have seen the nurse from a place in Inner Mongolia ordered to reinforce Wuhan, only she went alone. The warm welcome on the way back illustrates the extent of China’s mobilization.

In this sense, even if the final number of confirmed cases in Wuhan doubles again, China will still be able to put them out, but if another Wuhan or two appear, China will hardly be able to cope as calmly as this time, and medical resources will be quite stretched. This, in turn, may explain the necessity of wuhan’s closure.

Moreover, China’s strategy was not obstinacy. Although it made some mistakes and took some detours in the early stage, it soon adjusted its thinking, shifting from a treatment-oriented approach to a disease-prevention approach. In short, it is a key strategic decision to build a large number of makeshift hospitals in Wuhan and centralize the isolation of patients with mild diseases.

If there is no great effort to build a makeshift hospital and make a decision to isolate patients with mild cases as soon as possible, it will still be difficult to control the epidemic by requiring them to isolate patients at home as before. In the end, it will become a strategy of increasing troops one after another and racing against the virus with limited medical resources, just like in Europe and The United States.

Although China is also a successive surge, rather than from the outset decisively to concentrate superior forces play big annihilation, but for sealing in a timely manner, and soon decided to build square hospital, concentrated segregation in patients with mild, so although is successive surge of oil tactics, but containment is successful on the whole, not let the virus spread out on a larger scale.

In other words, the most important thing is not the adequacy of medical resources, but the scheduling capacity and strategy. The main reason why European and American countries have not blocked the virus from beginning to end is that they did not close the city in time. Instead of adopting containment strategies at the very beginning, they have been racing against the virus with limited medical resources and fought a war of attrition.

Of course, even if Europe and the United States are willing to learn from China’s approach, its

It can’t be done. For example, the United States is a federalist country with strong state independence. If it wants to send medical workers from other states to reinforce the worst-hit New York area, the federal government does not have the capacity. European countries face the same problem.




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